O Beautiful, whose Love
Makes the Archangel Gabriel dance in the sky
And the stars and universe
Become exuberant and overflow!

Under the sky, everything
From the oxen to fish is cheerful.
Everything above the sky
From the sign of Taurus
To the sign of Pisces is dancing.

The Lover whose Heart is full of blood
Has gone to the tavern,
Has put such a fire into the wine
And started playing inside the jar.

There are some who’ve given up
Existence as well as non-existence
With His Love.
Still others, with His Love,
Say, “I am annihilated and keep dancing.”

Bats in the dark are dancing
With the Love of darkness.
The birds which Love the sun
Dance from dawn to sunset.

O fast-blowing morning breeze,
Go and tell Shems of Tebriz,
“Tell me about Yourself.
Come and dance with me.”

Diwan-e Shams (meter1-verse 1604)