Come, O Soul of eternity,
Come, O beautiful face,
Come, O sun of dawn,
Come, O One who is understanding and light.

Come and shine on the faces.
Water the field of Hearts.
Take off your shoes and sit at the head of Souls.

O knowledge, go away.
O ear, hear the good news.
O mind, get drunk.
O eyes, watch the kingdom.

Diwan-e Shams (meter1 – verse 1132)

We don’t do anything
But serve our Cupbearer.
The Cupbearer offers more cups
So that I will be saved from good and bad.

God created everyone for one job.
He created us for the art of joblessness.

Every day we keep playing
In front of this light, like particles
Every night we turn like stars
Around the Beloved
Whose face is like the moon.

If You expected work from us,
You wouldn’t offer this wine.
The one who drinks this wine
Doesn’t bend his head down to earth.

What kind of job can a drunk do?
A drunk does whatever the wine wants.
God’s wine would destroy both worlds
Until man reaches God,
Who doesn’t need anything.

Diwan-e Shams (meter1-verse 666)