Introduction to Whirling

Trainer: Alper Akçay, guest musicians
Requirements: No age limit.
Pre-workshop interviews are required for
those who have serious health problems
and for children.

Duration: 4/5 Hours / 1 set
Participants: Minimum 10 persons
Auditing: No auditing is allowed
Dressing / equipments: leisurewear, thick towel socks.
Workshop Fee: (please contact with trainer)

Having transmitted itself from generation to generation, human to human, this archaic knowledge is remembered through and with friends, having the awareness of breathing at that particular moment. Then it opens itself up to us like the petals of a lotus flower.With the ones who shall make up our circle, and through Sema, Semah, Shamanistic whirling rituals and the nature’s whispers at the very moment.

Different music from Central Asian, Mawlawi to Alawi-Baktashi as well as sometimes the music that we are creating with drums, our voices etc. accompany our workshop.Timbres of baglama(string enstrument) connects the houses of our hearts to their absolute owner, nay(reedflute) elavates our souls and reminds us our true nature, while the rhythm opens ourselves up to the intuitive knowledge perpetually existing through the earth, nature, human and the universe.

Remembering and experiencing sema, remembered through the spiritual unification of Rumi and Shams, its later ceremonial form, circles, the guiding path opening up through music –hymns and Alawi/Baktashi nefes’, and the elementary sacred movements that come along with all these.

The main aim of our workshop is to recall seeing, hearing and feeling through our hearts, to be remembered about our essential values by the togetherness of the participants, and to express this unification through and within whirling rituals